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My name is Elena Gonzalez. I am a bilingual and bicultural (Russian/English) Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, licensed in California, Florida, Connecticut, Washington and North Carolina. I earned my Master of Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling from the University of Phoenix in San Diego, CA 2011. I have thirteen years of clinical experience working in mental health outpatient settings. I specialize in working with clients with PTSD and trauma-related issues and providing immigration assessments. I have particular expertise in clinical mental health assessment and evaluation. I trained with the Immigration Evaluation Institute to provide quality psychosocial assessments to immigrant applicants to support their immigration case. My clients appreciate my trauma-informed and culturally sensitive approach, which helps them through a complex process. I offer evaluations and assessments for hardship waivers, VAWA, asylum cases, U-visas, and T-visas.

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